About Us

Sheri’s First Aid CPR Classes


Small Family Business Located in Spokane Valley

New business name Established April 1st, 2024  but still the same services you have come to expect from us. 

Originally established in 2011 with the goal of increasing those who are certified in saving lives using the current up to date AHA guidelines. All of our classes are taught by certified BLS instructors. Each instructor has completed the BLS instructor course and has been given the required instructor card to teach classes. Instructors are required to renew instructor cards every two years following AHA policies and guidelines.

CDC Guidelines:

We are following the CDC guidelines and AHA guidelines due to COVID 19: masks are no longer necessary to attend class but students can decide to wear one, sanitizing all equipment and classrooms daily, hand washing before the start of class is encouraged. ​We ask that no one who has come into contact with someone with COVID 19 attend our classes unless you have been cleared.

Our Team

Sheri Riehl
Owner and Administrator

BLS Instructor since 2007

Sean Drews
Owner and Lead Instructor
BLS Instructor since 2013
Laura Palmquist
Owner and Instructor
BLS instructor since 2024